Where to see us Live in 2024?

At the end of 2023, Concrete Age promised you to be more active in terms of live appearance and we kept our word 100%. With the new “Motherland” release we have decided to add more UK dates to our list. Below you can find more information about the events (including links):

7.04 – Satanic Market (London)
13.04 – Warhorns Fest (Yorkshire)
20.04 – the Dev (London)
26.05 – Renaissance Fest (London)
14.06 – Chinnerys (Southend)
12.09 – The Six Six (Chelmsford) (link to be added)

This is not the final list. We will surely add some more events shortly.
If you would like to see Concrete Age in your city then send us an email at info@concreteage.co.uk






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